It can often be helpful to reach out and let others know how you are feeling.

So why not join the growing community of dementia diarists?

Dementia Diaries are audio diaries that give you a space to record your views and reflections from everyday life with dementia- anytime, anywhere.

They are both a personal archive for you, as well as a public record to help others understand the diverse reality of dementia from those who know it best.

In good times achievements and successes can feel more special when shared and celebrated with others. On more difficult days, talking about the practical or emotional challenges being faced can really help you find a way through. It also lets others who might be having similar feelings and experiences, know they aren’t alone or see new ways to approach things. 

You can use your mobile phone or a landline to record your diary. It is then automatically sent to an editorial team, who will listen to it, transcribe it and post it on the Dementia Diaries website. 

To find out more and to listen to other people’s diaries, visit the Dementia Diaries website.

You can also find out how to become a dementia diarist here.

Dementia Diaries is a UK wide project supported by Innovations in Dementia and the idea was sent to us by one of their Directors, Philly Hare. 

How can I help someone to do this?

Suggest the idea to somebody you know who might be interested in hearing diaries already posted, or record their own. Read about the project on the website and help answer any questions they may have. You could also help someone with the registration process. 

Dementia Diaries like to provide written transcripts of every recorded diary entry too. If you feel you can help with this, find out how you can volunteer here

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