If you have a garden, now is a great time to make the most of every inch of it.  Creating an area especially for you to relax in could be a fun and rewarding project…and of course the result will be well worth the effort. Having a designated spot outside to read, listen to the radio, or simply enjoy a cuppa could mean that you end up spending more time in the garden, which is always good for lowering the stress levels.


Once you’ve selected the perfect location for your new relaxation haven, you might want to do a little light weeding if necessary and then comes the fun part – deciding on your plants.  You may already have some that are just right for the job, if not then you could consider buying some with a nice fragrance for an extra relaxing atmosphere – lilac, sweet peas and rose are just a few of the many options.


Depending on which part of the garden you are working on, you might even want to consider painting part of a wall or fence to add that finishing touch to your little garden retreat.

How can I help someone to do this?

You could help by talking through and planning the area.  If it’s necessary to buy some new plants then maybe you could assist with the ordering process and have them delivered.  

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