If you are living with dementia, setting daily routines can make it easy to maintain your health and wellbeing. Social distancing might be changing your routines, so it’s important to think how to keep doing the things that matter to you even if you are staying at home.

One way to get started is to simply start a list of things you enjoy that you can do at home. 

This not only adds structure to your day but also gives you plenty of little things to look forward to. 

They could include:

  • Enjoying a morning coffee or making your favourite snack 
  • Admiring your garden or watering the plants 
  • Reading the newspaper or a magazine 
  • Taking a warm bath 
  • Catching your favourite TV show or radio programme

 Once you have your list, think about how you can bring them into your daily routines and make a plan.

How can I help someone to do this?

If you know someone with dementia who is self-isolating, why not give them a call and check how they are doing? If they express that they are bored, perhaps you could help them start a list of daily activities that could bring structure and enjoyment to their routine.