Tim Burgess, vocalist with The Charlatans took the web by storm during lockdown with his #TimsTwitterListeningParties.

The idea is simple.

Stream or play the chosen album for that day, follow @Tim_Burgess on twitter, then read the tweets in real time. The twist is the artist who recorded the album will be doing the same thing too!

Ask questions, share memories etc using #timstwitterlisteningparty.

Artists taking part have include Paul Weller/The Style Council, Oasis, The Cult, Ash, Billy Bragg, The Pogues and many more.  

The activity requires having your own twitter account.  If you don’t have one this could be the perfect reason to get one! Visit twitter to find out how. 

How can I help someone to do this?

This activity requires a twitter account and the means to listen to the album in question. You can help by making sure both of these are set up. If you don’t have the album on CD, LP or cassette, you can find them online using services like Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music. 

You could go through the list of albums and artists being lined up and see which ones would be of interest. Mark these on the calendar or set a reminder on a phone, Alexa or Google Home device.

Maybe Listen to the music together in advance and share memories or thoughts about it before the scheduled event takes place. 

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