Idea submitted by Hilary Duxford.

Painting can be an enjoyable hobby at any time. As a way of spending time “in the moment”,  it can also be a great way to boost wellbeing and reduce anxiety.

If you find the idea of starting with a blank canvass daunting, painting by numbers is a great option. Whether new to painting or have more experience, its possible to find designs online for all levels of skill.

It can be really beneficial and useful to have something to focus on that delivers  a tangible result at the end.

How can I help someone to do this?

Send painting by number templates via email or by post. A wide variety of subjects and levels are available online. These include free designs or you can purchase designs from online retailers too. 

A wide choice of colouring books for all ages are also available. 

Either buy or ask around locally for donations of art equipment, paints, different brushes.  Try using pens, pencils or pastels as an alternative to paints. 

Useful resources

Did you know you can also paint by numbers using an ipad or other tablets?  Look at the App Store or Google Play to find ones that suit what you need.