With varying opening hours and limiting movement restrictions, doing the weekly shop has definitely been a bit more challenging for most people recently. As the lockdown restrictions start to slowly lift, how is this affecting supermarkets and their delivery services?

Which.co.uk has a handy guide to the latest shopping news, detailing general opening hours, priority shopper opening hours, and item restrictions for each supermarket.  

For many people with dementia, opting for a delivery service is still the best option for the moment and supermarkets are trying to give delivery priority to those that need it.  Some supermarkets are also starting to offer ‘essential food boxes’, as a way to make the online shopping process easier.

How can I help someone to do this?

If someone you know is having trouble with their shopping, you could assist them with their online shopping, talk them through the food box options, or offer to drop off a few essentials if you live nearby.

If you are experiencing problems getting an online order or a regular shop, offer to contact the company directly  to try and find a solution. 

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