By Wendy Mitchell

I’ve always loved taking photos.

Before, when I was trundling around the country, taking photos use to keep me calm on a train, but now it’s part of my daily routine now that we’re in this bubble of strange world.

I get very confused if I don’t have routine, and this is simply part of my daily routine – a daily trundle taking photos.

I find photography helps you see things around you, appreciate the small things in life. The detail which you may never see if you didn’t look carefully.

There’s so much beauty all around us that this time of lockdown gives everyone the opportunity to just stand and stare.

For me the purpose of my daily trundle allowance is enhanced by my camera. I come back home and immediately am reminded of all the beauty I’ve just walked past. It also reminds me where I’ve been as I can instantly forget and the photos are a lovely surprise.

The joy of photography is you can take hundreds on one trundle yet only a dozen come out right. Well its the dozen that count. Taking photos simply brings me calm and I can get lost in the quietness.

I’ve also taken photos inside the house, a sea shell in a pot, a plant. You can easily forget how lovely all these things are until you stare at them carefully and in detail. Give it a go…