There’s no doubt that we are living through anxious times, so what better than a good giggle?  Laughter therapy, or laughter yoga, takes this to the next level – both providing a muscle workout and releasing valuable stress-reducing endorphins into your system.  It is thought that children laugh between 300 and 400 times per day, compared to only 10 to 20 times per day for adults… so here’s a chance to increase your laugh count!

Even if the laughter is fake, the body doesn’t make a distinction. The health benefits of laughter are proven to be the same!

Whilst this can be a great mood-boosting workout for most, it can be vigorous and may not be suitable for those who’ve recently had surgery, or suffer from glaucoma, hernias, haemorrhoids.  If in doubt, as always, check with your GP before starting a new exercise plan.

This idea was first spotted in the following articles – 

cnn article

the guardian article

How can I help someone to do this?

If you know someone that might be interested in this activity, you could give them a call and explain the idea.  You could even suggest doing the activity together over the phone, or on a video call.

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