Hello! Welcome to Distancing with Dementia. Thanks for stopping by.

This website is an initiative from DCAN – the Dementia Change Action Network. 

We’ve created it to spread an important message for anybody affected by dementia: “You’re not on your own”.

Even in self-isolation you needn’t be isolated. It’s important to find ways to connect to people who matter to you, as well as organisations and services that can support you.

Our Be Connected section includes details of helplines, websites, online support forums and other ways you can still create networks to support you whilst staying at home. It also looks at the technology that might help you stay in face to face contact with family and friends even when you cant physically be together.

It’s ok to put yourself first.

With lots of change, uncertainty and sources of information out there, it can sometimes feel overwhelming or difficult to find information that feels like a fit for you.

Try focussing on what matters to you first. Once you know what is most important to you and your wellbeing it becomes easier to reach out to find what you’re looking for. Our ‘Focus on what matters to you’ section will show you some ways to help you prioritise and see what is important and within your control at this time.

Give things a go. This website is full of quick ideas and suggestions from people in the same position as you or from organisations wanting to support you.

Everybody is different, somethings will work for you, others might not. But the more options you have the greater the chance you will find an idea that really helps. 

COVID19 and the distancing its forcing us into, will pass. Being there for each other is timeless. So if you’ve found something that works for you, share it. If you’re searching for ideas, take a look around. 

Together we can. #DementiaCan #DCAN.