With numbers of bees declining, creating a bee-friendly window box could be a great way to help out.  It could also provide an attractive addition to your windowsill. To start from scratch, you could order a bee-friendly seed pack from a seed supplier – beefriendlyseeds is one option.  If you’d prefer to see faster results, some local garden centers at nurseries are providing a delivery service at the moment, so you could buy your plants online – this is also a nice way to help out local businesses.

Should you decide to order plants then you’ll want to think about which combination works best for your windowsill. One option is a mix of herbal plants (lavender, thyme and rosemary for example), this works nicely both to help out the bees and create a lovely fragrant window box for you to enjoy too.  For other options of bee-friendly plants see buzzaboutbees.

How can I help someone to do this?

You could help someone to plan their window box, and assist them with the online ordering process.

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