Practical ideas for living at home with dementia during Covid-19 and beyond.

Coronavirus is disrupting life for everyone. If you’re living with dementia or caring for someone who is, this can bring its own challenges. If you need to find new ways to manage your health and wellbeing, we can help each other.

Here you can find and submit ideas for ways to stay connected and active without leaving your home. 

Latest ideas

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About Dementia Change Action Network #DCAN

Dementia Change Action Network (DCAN) is a joint initiative by NHS England & Improvement, Alzheimer’s Society and the Coalition for Collaborative Care.

We are an open network of people, organisations and national membership bodies with professional or lived experience of dementia.

We are all bound by a common purpose to change how we all talk, think and respond to dementia through bringing NHS England’s comprehensive model of personalised care to life.

You can find out about our mission and how to join the movement for personalising dementia care, by visiting us at www.dcan.org.uk.

Together we can. #DementiaCan. #DCAN