By Ronald Amanze 

Following a Dementia Voice Zoom meeting where everyone was asked for ideas of thing which one could do in this period of social distancing,  I have been motivated to revisit a creative writing project I first shared at an Alzheimer’s society Welcome Day last summer.

At that event those present where invited to provide 4 lines reflecting their relationship with the world of dementia, whether professional or personal. Everyone was invited to be involved and the response was great. 

We all have things to say which we sometimes keep inside, this can potentially become burdensome for us. During this time when we are isolated, it helps me to share these thoughts and feelings in writing and it has become a therapeutic process for me where I feel free to express myself without judgement. By expanding this project, I hope others will benefit from this form of meaningful and creative expression too. Hence I am inviting you to join in!


How you can take part in this project

We want as many people as possible to make a contribution and to get involved and spread the word to your networks. 

Please share your 4 lines by emailing: yoursay@alzheimers.org.uk

Contributions do not have to rhyme or be a poem.
Just relevant to the general theme of your experience of dementia
If you are happy to share your name and your connection to dementia we can credit you for your contribution
We especially welcome people living with dementia, their families, friends and carers to be a part of this
Our ambition is to turn this into a range of resources; for example, a music piece, a book or online blog
Please feel free to share any other talents you have with us, whether this be musical, artistic or other


 We look forward to hearing from you,

Ronald Amanze (www.talkdementia.co.uk) and the Dementia Voice Team